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Pure Ottoman silk is rarely used except for official gowns, as it is very expensive. Academic regalia in the United States has been influenced by the academic dress traditions of Europe. Other Items accessories, accouterments, camp equipment, leathergoods, tents, tinware, etc. Ah, I am getting excited already! University graduates in New Zealand wear an academic gown identical to those of the University of Cambridge [51] and either a hood or scarf, depending on whether the graduate is receiving a degree or diploma.

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In the past, fur has been used to line certain hoods especially those of the UK which range from rabbit to ermine. In the past, sheepskin was widely used. Most now use imitation fur, instead, mainly because of cost and animal rights concerns. Some robe makers use fur if the customer requests and pays for it, as some feel that the quality and feel of artificial fur has yet to match that of real fur.

Doctor's robes usually use wool flannel , panama worsted , superfine cloth, damask , or brocade , and are brightly coloured or black, but faced with a bright colour to distinguish them from lower degrees. Many doctoral gowns have a special undress version so adding to the cost of a full set. Many institutions whose dress includes gowns of varying lengths prescribe the appropriate length of each gown with reference to parts of the wearer's body undergraduate gowns at Cambridge, for example, must not reach the knees, whereas BA gowns should reach just beyond them, according to the University's statutes.

As such, suppliers of academic dress produce gowns in many different sizes to fit persons of different heights. In Canada , academic regalia are worn by university officials, faculty, students, and honoured guests during Graduation exercises commonly referred to as Convocation , installations of their presiding officers, and special convocations, such as the inauguration of newly endowed professorial chairs and inductions to some of the honour and professional societies with university chapters.

Academic regalia typically consist of a headgear mortarboard , Tudor bonnet , or John Knox cap , robe, and hood. Until the s, Canadian universities customarily prescribed academic robes for its professors and students at classes and lectures. At the University of Trinity College at the University of Toronto, academic gowns are still required for all students and faculty at Wednesday dinners, most college meetings, debates, and certain special college events.

Most Canadian universities follow or adopted either the British University academic dress at Oxford or Cambridge universities, [15] [16] or the Intercollegiate Code of Academic Costume ratified by most American universities in the late s. A classic example is the academic dress of McGill University , whose British origins are evident in the regalia of its degree holders.

The distinctive ceremonial regalia of McGill University officials, though, are closer to the American pattern for the master's robe with above-the-elbow, square, slit-cut sleeves.

The scarlet, doctor of philosophy Ph. Gold strand tassels used in American doctoral regalia are wrapped around McGill's otherwise Tudor-style bonnet or tam. In France , academic dress, also called the toge from the word toga , an ancient Roman garment , is similar to French judges' court dress, except for its colour, which depends on the academic field in which the wearer graduated.

It is nowadays little worn, except by doctors during the opening of the university year or the ceremony for a doctorate honoris causa. For doctors, it consists of:. Professors who served 20 years are sometimes presented with a sword identical model to that of French police commissars. The colours of the various academic fields are daffodil yellow for literature and arts, amaranth purplish red for science, redcurrant reddish pink for medicine, scarlet red for law, and violet purple for theology.

University rectors, chancellors or presidents wear also specific costumes, which are violet regardless of the academic field in which they graduated.

The dress exists in two versions: Both are identical in form, and differ only in the presence or absence of the mortarboard and the repartition of colours on the gown and sash the other elements of the dress, especially the epitoga, being identical for both:. In formal occasions, the grand costume is equivalent to white tie , whereas the petit costume is equivalent to black tie.

German academic dress generally consists of gown and cap. Nowadays, if in use at all, it is only found at special occasions, such as public processions, inaugurations of rectors, and graduation ceremonies. Historically, only the rectors, deans, professors, and lecturers wore academic dress—not students or graduates.

Each German university had its own system of colours and drapings to signify faculty membership and position in the university hierarchy. The gown of the German academic dress is called "Talar" with the accent on the second "a": It can be traced back to the every day clothes of the scholars in the Middle Ages.

The same word Talar is also used for the robes of Protestant Lutheran pastors and rabbis not for judges or lawyers, their gowns are called "Robe" , although these gowns often differ more or less in cut, length, drappings, and sometimes even in colour the gowns of the German Supreme Court are, e. The professorial Talar can be described as a long black gown with wide sleeves, often with lapels in faculty colour, while deans wear a Talar completely in faculty colour.

Rectors typically have a distinguished, more elaborate Talar , e. As is the case with the Talar , which type of cap is used varies by university as well. Historically, caps made of soft materials rather than the square academic cap are common. The colour of the Barett matches the Talar.

After the German student movement , following the years of all West German universities dropped their academic dress because they were identified with right-winged conservatism and reactionism by the mostly socialist influenced students at that time: The famous slogan "Unter den Talaren — Muff von Jahren" beneath the gowns the fug of years refers not only to the old traditions of the Middle Ages, but also to the Nazi regime and their self-declared "empire of years".

After East Germany began to dissolve in , several universities, particularly University of Rostock , [23] University of Greifswald , [24] University of Jena , [25] and University of Halle-Wittenberg , [26] resurrected lost traditions including the Talar for officials. Some traditional universities in West German states have since followed, such as University of Heidelberg. Since , some universities introduced centrally organized graduation ceremonies for students of all faculties where academic dress is worn, most notably University of Bonn , [28] Chemnitz University of Technology , [29] and RWTH Aachen only cap and stole.

At most other universities, faculties are responsible for organizing graduation ceremonies individually. Some faculties have decided for wearing academic dress at their ceremonies as well, e. In Indonesia, academic regalia, also called a toga is only worn in graduation ceremonies. An Indonesian toga generally comes in three pieces of clothing: Other items are also worn during graduation ceremony such as a medallion , tippet or academic stole.

In Italy there are several differences among the typical academic dress gowns , academic caps , etc. Usually gowns are worn only by professors during ceremonies and, in some faculties, during graduations. After the student protests of many professors in many universities had stopped wearing academical gowns also in the formal occasions but since the nineties people have started to use them again, mostly in humanities faculties.

In Malaysia, most public university academic gowns incorporate Songket motifs. At Dutch universities, academic dress does not come with a degree but with the incumbency of a professorial chair: The beret is usually a soft cap, square or round and made of velvet; the gown ankle-length, open in the front , is made of wool trimmed with velvet or silk It is traditionally black, as in the robes of early-modern humanists; some universities have gowns with wide slashed sleeves edged in faculty-specific colours, others have a decorated sleeve but without specific faculty colours.

Recently established universities may show a greater variety of colours. Academic dress is only worn on ceremonial occasions: On such occasions, the assembled professors line up as a cortège headed by the university beadle, who also wears an academic gown and carries the university's mace. Male professors remove their beret when sitting down and put it on when standing up e.

Female professors may keep the beret on at all times. Academic dress may be completed by a chain of office for the presiding Rector or Dean or the insignia of honorary doctorates or royal orders only worn at the dies natalis. University graduates in New Zealand wear an academic gown identical to those of the University of Cambridge [51] and either a hood or scarf, depending on whether the graduate is receiving a degree or diploma.

If the graduate is receiving a degree, a hood [51] will be worn throughout the ceremony. If a diploma is received, the graduate will wear a diploma scarf. The hood, like the gown, is identical to that of the hood for the Cambridge Master of Arts.

A Bachelor's degree hood is lined with coloured satin and bordered with white fur the exception to this are Canterbury and Waikato University which do not line their hoods with fur. The bachelor's degree with Honours hood is lined with coloured satin and bordered with white satin. The master's degree hood has no edging. A doctoral degree recipient wears the same as a graduate receiving a Masters, except the gown is completely silk, either black or scarlet, with the option to wear a cloth gown.

A Doctoral hood is completely silk and the headdress is a black Tudor bonnet, in place of the flat-topped mortarboard worn with Bachelor's and Master's gowns. Academic dress is rarely worn in New Zealand other than for some rare academic events - however some secondary schools, for instance King's College, Auckland , Auckland Grammar School and Lindisfarne College , retain the tradition of the headmaster wearing a gown while leading assemblies.

Most colleges and universities in the Philippines follows the traditional mortarboard , hood and gown during graduation. Some schools like the University of Santo Tomas , due to its Spanish heritage, follows the Spanish academic attire such as the academic biretta and mozetta. The birreta and mozetta are worn by those from the Graduate School and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.

Graduates of the Bachelors' programs wear the traditional mortarboard, hood and gown. The professors of the University wear their academic regalia during the Missa de Apertura or the Opening Mass of the Academic Year aside from Solemn Investitures graduation ceremonies and other academic activities.

The academic colours are unique to this university as these depend on the official color of the faculty or college a student or an academe belongs into. A unique graduation garb by the University of the Philippines is the use of the Sablay.

It features the indigenous baybayin characters for "U" and "P". Elementary and high school students also wear a certain kind of academic dress upon their graduation, usually a white gown and mortarboard for public schools.

For private schools, the gown and mortarboard's color is at the discretion of the administration. There are several schools which make use of a hood-like design on top of their gowns which bears the school colors. The Rector Magnificus of the University of Santo Tomas in full Spanish academic attire, wearing the academic biretta and the mozetta over the Dominican habit.

The wearing of traditional academic dress is an important feature of Polish educational ceremonies. Academic dress varies from university to university. In some situations the hat is not used, e. In Portugal, following an ancient tradition, university regular students also use a specific dressing. The Traje Académico, as it is knowned in Portuguese, is recognized by its almost totallly black color and cape. Taiwan academic dress generally consists of gown and cap. Nowadays, it is only found at special occasions, such as graduation ceremonies.

Academic dress in South Africa varies from one institution to another, but generally follow UK patterns. A common distinction is for graduands in all degrees up to and including the master's degree to have black gowns, while the PhD candidate wears a scarlet gown. These days, academic dress is only used at graduation ceremonies. The wearing of traditional African attire, or modern clothes inspired by traditional attire, beneath the academic dress has been a distinct trend in recent years.

This article is partially translated from es: The typical Spanish academic dress has Latin origin. It has been regulated since , when Queen Isabella II established several rules about academic dress, according to the centuries-old Spanish custom. The typical Spanish academic dress for doctors is composed by:. However, this academic dress is only used for the opening of the academic year and for PhD graduations or for doctorates honoris causa.

It is worn only by doctors, deans and the University Rector. The colour of the mozzetta or the sash depends on the academic field. In Sri Lanka, the academic dress consists of gown, hood post-graduate and a garland on graduation day. Universities that were affiliated to the former University of Ceylon issue black gowns for graduates and post graduates; red gowns for masters and Phd graduates; crimson gowns for chancellors with a different colour gowns for senior academic faculty.

These universities only issue garland on the graduation day to new graduates and only issue mortar boards to chancellor, vice chancellor and registrars. Private universities issue mortar boards to graduates along with a hood in place of garland. Finland and Sweden have similar traditions when it comes to academic clothing. For important academic ceremonies white tie is usually worn, however, often with traditional headwear and gowns.

Gowns are not generally used except by the rector as a symbol of office, if anyone. The regular student cap Finnish: The cap can be worn by anyone who has passed the matriculation examination and is acceptable wear for both formal and informal academic celebrations. Technology students wear a special kind of student cap called a teekkarilakki Finnish or teknologmössa Swedish.

It is similar to the traditional student cap, but features a tuft and a distinctive cockade to show which university the wearer is attending. Technology students generally wear their caps more frequently, and thus the tuft often symbolizes university engineering students. Although universities have different rules regarding the use of the cap, it is generally not awarded to the student until he or she has completed the first year of their studies.

The technology student's hat may also be seen on informal occasions, being worn with the student overall at many universities.

In both countries many universities have doctoral hats for persons who have completed a PhD or similar degree. These usually resemble top hats and must be worn with white tie. Like other hats, they are not generally worn indoors, but they may be presented on a table.

Events where the hat and white tie are worn include thesis defences, post-doctoral parties, ceremonial conferments of degrees, opening ceremonies and other formal ceremonies related to the university. In the Ingmar Bergman film Wild Strawberries , one scene shows the conferral of a Jubilee doctor degree on the main character at the University of Lund , which includes the presentation of such a hat and ring.

At the University of Helsinki a cape and a sword are commonly worn with the doctoral hat. Students of the student organization "Limes" may also be seen wearing a black cape. Academic dress used by universities in Thailand follow two traditions. Some universities use a traditional robe known as suea khrui , while others follow Western styles.

In Tunisia , University of Ez-Zitouna graduates wear an academic gown. Doctoral graduates in Islamic Sciences wear a jebba. For other Tunisian universities, there is no academic gown. There is a distinction between different types of academical dress. Most recently, gowns, hoods and caps are categorised into their shape and patterns by the Groves classification system , which is based on Nicholas Groves' document, Hood and Gown Patterns.

For example, the Cambridge BA style gown is designated [b2] and a hood in the Cambridge full-shape is designated [f1], etc. Because the universities are free to design their own academicals using a wide range of available gown, hood and cap patterns, colours and materials at their and the robemaker's disposal, the academicals of two given universities rarely clash with each other.

The Burgon Society was founded in to promote the study of academic dress. The modern gown is derived from the roba worn under the cappa clausa , a garment resembling a long black cape. In early medieval times, all students at the universities were in at least minor orders , and were required to wear the cappa or other clerical dress, and restricted to clothes of black or other dark colour.

All are traditionally made of black cloth, although occasionally the gown is dyed in one of the university's colours and the material at the back of the gown is gathered into a yoke. The Bachelor's gown has bell-shaped sleeves, while the Master's gown has long sleeves closed at the end, with the arm passing through a slit above the elbow.

There are two distinctive shapes used in the UK for doctor's gowns; the Oxford doctor's shape and the Cambridge doctor's shape. The former has bell-shaped sleeves, the latter has long open sleeves. Another rarer form is the Cambridge Doctor of Music dress gown which is a pattern between the two.

The other form of doctor's gown is the undress gown. This is a black gown worn for less formal occasions such as lectures. This type of gown is rarely seen or worn nowadays as many wear the dress gown instead; however, the undress gown still plays a part in the older universities where academic dress is usually worn.

Undergraduates at many older universities also wear gowns; [62] the most common essentially a smaller knee-length version of the Bachelor's gown, or the Oxford Commoners gown which is a sleeveless lay type gown and has two streamers at the back at Oxford.

Another form of dress, now rarely seen, is the habit, which is worn over a black gown. Only Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and Newcastle use habits and mainly reserve their use for very formal ceremonial occasions and to a specific group of academics or officials.

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