100 Fresh Christmas Decorating Ideas

Sep 03,  · The price will vary by store and type of decoration. However, lots of stores like Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, etc. have frequent sales, so you should keep an eye on upcoming sales to get the best prices on your decorations%(10).

See More Design Bring decorative Christmas cheer all the way out to your backyard. This photo only shows the half of it — literally. Love It or List It 7pm 6c.

Do not limit your decorations to the inside of your house or your front porch; take advantage of the South’s mild winters. Bring decorative Christmas cheer all the way out to your backyard.
Looking to update your home decor? We can show you how. We've got tips and tutorials to help you decorate every room in your home plus hundreds of photo galleries to inspire you.
Do not limit your decorations to the inside of your house or your front porch; take advantage of the South’s mild winters. Bring decorative Christmas cheer all the way out to your backyard.
Whether you're decorating your first home or your fifth, great design is in the details. We've consulted top designers and scoured our archives to find the best ideas for every room in the house.
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Meet Team Jonathan 6 Photos. Final Challenge 31 Photos. Photo Highlights From Episode 7 53 Photos. Photo Highlights From Episode 7 81 Photos. The feeling is mutual, Reese! Take care to make the ribbon wide — a tight ring does not look good with the large cedar rose.

Tuck in a sprig of boxwood or evergreen for an extra flourish. To make your house a Christmas haven, decorate every place you can possibly reach — and then some! Grab a ladder, and dress up pendant lights in a kitchen or over an island with festive evergreen garland. Using wire, simply secure the garland to the extended lights.

This decorating idea is especially applicable for houses with entertaining kitchens, as pictured. This open floor plan keeps the cook from being cut off from the festivities on Christmas morning, and is perfect for entertaining.

Because guests will be wandering through the kitchen, it is important to decorate it in festive holiday greenery. Make your wrapped Christmas packages Pinterest-level-pretty by attaching small tokens to each gift.

Some suggested adornments include bells, small ornaments, sprigs of evergreen, glittery snowflakes and holly. The possibilities are endless, and gifts can be customized dependent upon their recipient.

Pick a variety of patterns and colors of wrapping paper, and unify the scheme with the same color ribbon. During the Christmas season, it is easy to get caught up in the gift-buying, house-decorating, meal-cooking, and dessert-baking.

This year, in order to remind your family about the real reason for the Christmas season, incorporate an Advent wreath in your holiday decoration plans. Advent wreaths are an important family Christmas tradition across the entire South, and help keep track of the four Sundays of Advent. Put together a quick and easy Advent wreath by grouping pillar candles wrapped in strands of thread. Arrange the candles in a large wooden bowl filled with dried black-eyed peas, pomegranates, and artichokes.

Because we live in the South, our winters are much more mild, and we can use our screen porches all the way through the Christmas season. Decorate your outdoor spaces with wreaths, candles, and large glowing orbs to draw guests outside to cozy up by the fire.

This understated yet festive outdoor spaces is perfect for casual gatherings. We love the rustic candlesticks seen on the table of this back porch. And while these red chairs are functional year round, when taken among all the festive Christmas decorations displayed during the holiday season, they begin to resemble cheery sleighs. However, the dark green wires often distract from the elegant twinkle that we desire.

Disguise those unsightly wires from string lights by winding them around a column or post with Christmas greenery or garland. Personalize the garland by attaching spray-painted pinecones and metallic ornaments with fishing line. Finally, set out a pretty container of ornamental cabbage or kale at the base. To add an additional pop of color, a potted Poinsettia also looks great. Lovers of neutral décor will love this metallic take on holiday decorating. Elegant, yet far from overwhelming, this metallic Christmas tree theme is perfectly understated yet fancy enough for even a formal holiday gathering.

Create an opulent feel without overwhelming the space by decorating your Christmas tree with sophisticated metallic shades. The limited color scheme of silver, gold, and bronze is both classy and timeless. Minimal pops of green and red bring festive Christmas cheer, while the dominant colors of silver and gold make the tree sparkle with subtle yet eye-catching flair. Choose icicle-style lights to wrap the tree to emulate diamonds. In lieu of the traditional reds and greens of holiday flowers, use bright peacock feathers on your mantel as a statement piece.

First, select a neutral container for the feathers — we chose this concrete plant box as a solid foundation. Place a block of floral foam inside of the container, and then arrange peacock feathers in a whimsical pattern. Add a few curly willow branches to add dimension in the back. We suggest using this edgy arrangement to compliment other nontraditional design elements. Instead, plan your Christmas decorations so that the décor works with, rather than hides, your existing décor.

Even if it means using unexpected colors, like cream and beige, a room with well-incorporated decorations looks classy and expensive. A true Southern decorator knows just how important a well-wrapped gift is, and you will never catch us wrapping our gifts in computer paper.

For family gatherings, make the exterior of your gifts look just as good as the presents that lie inside. The bonus is that, until you give the gifts to their recipients, they will add class to your living room while they wait under your tree. Pair preprinted gift tags that reinforce your Christmas decorating scheme with boxes wrapped in chocolate and metallic papers to add character under the tree. No, we are not telling you to wrap your coffee table in wrapping paper.

Rather, get creative and upgrade your living area by wrapping a coffee table in belts of festive Christmas ribbon. Transform your coffee table into a Christmas present by crisscrossing strands of ribbon over the top and sides of the table, like you would when wrapping a gift. To avoid over-decoration, choose a neutral ribbon color that is close to the color of the table, and wrap loosely. Add festive centerpieces, like spray painted pine cones, and metallic family heirlooms to add sparkle to the elegant decoration.

For a tasteful, intricate, and slightly minimalist Christmas display, fill transparent glass cylinders with painted holiday objects. Use spray paint to add a shimmery touch to pinecones, acorns, or round glass ornaments.

Display these tall decorations en mass, on a dining table, coffee table, or even a demilune. Large glass vases look fabulous when arranged on a windowsill. This do-it-yourself Christmas decoration is easy to make, yet results in a classy, elegant final product.

Create a unified and sophisticated alternative to mismatched Christmas ornaments with glittering balls and stars in various finishes. While you can collect glittery Christmas ornaments from seasonal shops, this decoration idea is also very easy to do yourself. Buy a variety of unfinished ornaments from your local craft store, and select a few festive shades of fine glitter. Adhere the glitter to the ornaments using adhesive spray, Mod Podge, or color-coordinated paint.

Experiment with patterns for more intricate details. Take advantage of your beautiful banister. Drape festive green winter garland up the handrail of a staircase, and anchor it with metallic gold or rich red bows for a Christmas welcome in your foyer. When anchoring the garland to your banister, make sure that you select a ribbon with wire trim.

The wire trim will ensure that the ribbon maintains a stiff bow shape that lasts throughout the season. For added sparkle, string white icicle lights up the banister.

Wind the spiral tightly around the base of your stairs as a festive finishing touch. Add aromatic clippings from your Christmas tree for a cheery bonus! Forgo the traditional single wreath on your porch, and welcome Christmas guests with three miniature wreaths for an understated yet creative take on a Christmas classic.

Add a colorful, personal touch by attaching all three wreaths to a long piece of ribbon in the pattern of your choice. Choose smaller wreaths to avoid overcrowding your doorway, but mix and match details on each individual wreath. This design idea is ideal for glass-front doors, as it covers maximum surface area.

Quickly take your everyday living area to Christmas village by swapping out your basic throw pillows for festive, holiday-themed pillows. Find pillows at a local interior design shop, or whip up your own from festive holiday fabric. By adding Christmas pillows to a room, you can forgo other holiday decorations and save time. We found our pillows from Judy Ross Textiles at judyrosstextiles.

Pillows in wing chairs: Judy Ross Textiles; judyrosstextiles. This metallic show-stopping arrangement will take your Christmas decorations from homey to Hollywood elegance. Mix and match metallic finishes by grouping all of your metallic dishware in one central cluster. Turn silver and mercury glass vases and candlesticks into festive Christmas accents by arranging them in a mismatched group.

Add a few candles into the arrangement, but do not overdo it — just a few candle lights will reflect from their metallic surroundings, and will attract tons of attention and compliments! Add a few bright red Christmas berries, such as Holly or Nandina Berries, for a pop of color.

Swags are not only for doorways and porches. Craft a classic Christmas decorative swag on your mantel out of surprisingly nontraditional materials. In this Christmas swag, thin tree branches and birch bark shavings make up the rustic display for a minimalist living room.

Red berries and frosted Christmas trees in varying heights lend holiday touches to the natural arrangement, which could be used throughout the fall and winter seasons. Decorative Birch Logs from J.

Here are a few of our favorite things! Pretty paperwhite flowers add Christmas cheer to your kitchen. This simple holiday decoration technique is a perfect way to add casual Christmas charm to your kitchen, or any room, using snow-white paperwhite flowers. This easy DIY idea requires only a few materials — Paperwhite bulbs, pebbles, and glassware.

Compose an arrangement by planting paperwhite bulbs in everyday glassware and shallow bowls. They are also one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. If you are expecting lots of company this Christmas season, you will need lots of places for people to sit, relax, and, most importantly, eat. Create a communal spot for guests to meet for breakfast. Create a tiny breakfast nook in the kitchen by fitting an upholstered banquette and a small table in the corner.

You will have an ideal spot for your guests to enjoy a quick meal, a cup of steaming coffee or hot chocolate, or a sweet Christmas treat. Magnolia garland is one of the most traditional elements in all Southern Christmas decorating. If you have access to magnolia leaves, you can turn your Christmas displays into a modern holiday fairyland by making your own wreath. Using magnolia clippings and florist foam wreaths, you can make your own Christmas magnolia wreath — no need for wire or glue!

Wide white ribbon secures the wreaths to the ceiling, and keeps the embellishment to a minimum. This gala- worthy Christmas decoration technique is a quick way to upgrade your outdoor patio with glitz and sparkle.

Everyone has a few strands of lights left over after decorating their front porches. Use them to spruce up your patio with holiday cheer. Hang the twinkling white lights on a fountain or stone wall in your garden to create a striking winter focal point on your patio or porch. You can also hang lights from an outdoor shed, pool house, or tall fence. Save those Christmas-tree clippings! Recycle the simple, fragrant sprigs of greenery by placing them in colorful glass vases or jars for quick and easy coffee table arrangements.

For a pop of natural, add sprigs of Holly or Nandina berries to the arrangements. You can even add sparkle by lightly coating the branches in metallic spray paint. Tie ribbon or fabric scraps around the necks of the vases for added cheer. Have each of your children pick their favorite ornaments, and attach using the ties — they will love their mini Christmas trees. Rumor has it, Santa's elves love leaving chocolate squares under these trees in the days leading up to Christmas night. This year, instead of wrapping ribbon around your Christmas tree, let it cascade down.

Decorate your tree with long, cascading tendrils of colorful ribbon, rickrack, and pom-pom fringe for a whimsical, colorful, and modern Christmas tree. Search the remnants section of your local fabric-and-trim store for clearance deals on pieces that are at the end of a roll or oddly-sized, and collect them throughout the entire year.

Attach the ribbons and trims directly to an embroidery hoop and simply slide over the top of your tree. Stick to one color scheme, or make it bright. Spare your walls, and give yourself or your husband the gift of hardware-less, labor-less Christmas decor. For a minimalist, elegant display, hang your wreath with a simple satin ribbon, using transparent fishing line for any necessary support.

For a fresh and youthful Christmas wreath, use multiple ribbons tied in bows of various lengths. Tie multicolored Christmas ornaments to the ends for bright, fun details. Instead of blowing a fuse, opt for simple, classic, and rustic holiday décor. Beautiful evergreen wreaths secured using simple ribbons tied into bows lend an elegant and festive appearance to this white farmhouse. Achieve the same classic look at your own home by hanging simple matching evergreen wreaths on your doors and windows.

One of the oldest, most traditional Southern decorating techniques has got to be the old fruit-in-glass-vase technique. It is so easy to twist this classic decoration to fit the Christmas holidays. Simply use a glass hurricane or vase to create a festive, fruity arrangement by filling the jar with layers of limes, red holly berries, and lemons or oranges. The traditional Christmas colors of red, green, and gold will last all season.

Top off your arrangement with steams of seasonal greenery. For a cheap holiday stocking display, skip the extravagant stockings and instead, make your own.

Use simple and inexpensive burlap fabric from the fabric store to fashion handmade Christmas stockings. Hand-stitch the edges of each stocking foot with light-colored twine — the messier, the better. With these stockings, a loopy, uneven stitch actually compliments the rustic burlap. Label each stocking with mismatched block letters, found at a flea market or on sale at a craft store, for a personal touch. Secure to your mantel using the same twine used to stitch the stocking. Make a department store worthy Christmas present display with this natural present wrapping technique.

The contrasting light and rich browns add cozy, coordinated warmth under the Christmas tree, and the crisp whites add sharp clean lines to the earth-toned theme. Natural elements, like wood tags, adorn the gifts. To achieve this beautiful natural look, first, choose a color scheme.

Buy two different wrapping materials in different colors and textures. Then, find five to six selections of diverse ribbons, making sure to choose spools of various widths. Save your wallet by displaying your tree in something that you already have lying around your house — a simple and natural woven basket.

While you will likely still need to support the trunk using a tree stand inside of your basket, the results are much more beautiful than displaying your tree in a stand alone, and much cheaper than purchasing that tree skirt you only use once a year. Look into Christmases past, present, and future with these crystal ball decorations. You can add these mercury glass balls to a shiny display for even more sparkle and glitz, or incorporate them into a rustic display for an element of elegance.

Mercury is such a versatile finish. Because it is made from natural elements, it works in a natural display, as above. But its high-shine and mirrored finish also works for luxe, high-end décor themes.

Use these mercury glass balls to adorn your Christmas tree, or pile them up in a basket by the fireplace. Their large size is unique and makes a big impression.

Disco is not dead. This unique Christmas idea is reminiscent of glory days gone but not forgotten. Hang a disco ball from the ceiling to float it above your Christmas tree.

This tip works best with flocked Christmas trees; the mod silver sparkle of a disco ball blends best with nontraditional décor.

A disco ball is much more appropriate. This rule is especially true when using a flocked Christmas tree. The white tree branches mean that you get a blank canvas. Turn your house into a winter wonderland by choosing an icy, sparkly theme that is sure leave a lasting impression on guests. Keep the color scheme consistent by introducing only shades of three different colors. Above, we chose bright white, cool aqua, and turquoise. In the time leading up to Christmas morning, the gifts under your tree act will as functional decorations.

You might as well make them part of your Christmas decoration theme. They are going to be there, anyway. Purchase wrapping paper that coordinates with your decorating color scheme.

We suggest selecting at least two different wrapping paper rolls, and three to four different ribbon spools. The varied wrapping will bring layers of intricate detail to the space under your tree. Arrange any extra ornaments into leftover vases or wicker baskets.

This cheap Christmas decoration idea means that none of your beautiful Christmas tree ornaments will go unused. We even added a few strands of leftover ribbons to our ornament collection to bring color to the display.

Stack the vases on coffee tables and side tables to spread the color scheme across your entire living space. Arrange gifts around the base of your ornaments to incorporate them into their surroundings. Christmas tree skirt shopping can be either a happy hit or a major miss; you may find a skirt made out of fabric so beautiful that you completely redesign your entire Christmas decoration based upon the festive upholstery fabric.

Or, you may end up spending money on a plain red tree skirt that you bought out of desperation. Instead of fretting over store-bought tree skirts, make your own Christmas tree skirt. Make a custom Christmas tree skirt using fabrics from other upholstered pieces, like chairs, pillows, or even the sofa, in the room. Save scraps from your past projects to piece together alternating rings that will always match your room. Incorporate some good ole jingle bell rock into your Christmas décor by decorating your tree with festive, rustic, and oh-so-merry Christmas bells.

Keep an eye out for temple bells at year-round flea markets, or order them online from a specialty store. Choose bells with a metallic finish that matches your existing Christmas décor; we love brass for its rustic charm. Attach the bells to one another using wire, and bunch fresh holly where the two meet, and secure it to the top of your tree.

Experiment with different toppers using various seasonal greenery and flowers. Bells are a classic decorating alternative to the typical star. This designer Christmas décor secret is ingenious, easy, and cheap. Cluster small ornaments together for an extravagant impact. Small ornaments can easily get lost on a busy tree amid the sparkling lights and merry garland. Using thread or fishing wire, simply thread a cluster of ornaments together and tie to make an eye-catching arrangement.

Hang them on your tree sporadically for shiny upgrades — we love adding a bell or two for some jingle. Incorporate the same individual small ornaments throughout the tree to echo the larger displays. You can also hang these festive ornamental clusters around your house, such as on wreaths or from your mantel.

Pretty gift tags add an irreplaceable finishing touch to any Christmas gift. Make your own for an easy, personalized touch.

Hand making gift tags is a great holiday crafting project for kids — they will experience the selfless joy of giving by being involved in the gift-giving process. A deck of cards is the perfect medium for quick gift-tag making. Using a cookie cutter and a pencil, trace the shape of your choice onto a deck of cards. Cut out and punch a hole in the tops, and string the gingerbread man onto Christmas gifts and ribbons.

Use any type of paper and any shape cookie cutter to personalize these hand-made holiday tokens. Take your front door to next-level festivity. Instead of just hanging up a wreath and calling it quits, go all-out and create an entry with a theme. Stage a royal welcome by hanging lanterns from shepherd hooks anchored in galvanized washtubs planted with ivy. Topped with a faux cardinal, this seasonal lighting solution helps introduce your Christmas decorating theme right at the front door.

For a red-carpet look, create a clever runner with tartan fabric and green burlap that spans from the door to the steps. Hold the runner in place with heavy-duty double-sided tape from the hardware store. Lanterns and Lantern Stakes: Magnolias and paperwhites are not the only flower that we suggest for Christmas decorating. Bright white tulips are a fun way to add fresh garden holiday cheer straight from the farmhouse. Punctuate classic reds, greens, and golds with a bright burst of white tulips.

Tulips are available year-round from your local florist or grocery store, and they are a fresh alternative to other holiday flowers. Group them in thick clusters for maximum impact. Before you arranging the tulips in your vase, cut the tips and add a scoop of sugar for longevity. This decoration tip works with both casual and elegant décor themes. When hosting a holiday party, let your festive decorations double as fun goodie bags. Pictured above, the holiday hostess displays faux cardinal ornaments on top of a rustic holiday basket of treats.

The baskets will then be given as parting gifts to departing guests. You can customize your own goodie bags with containers and treats that compliment your holiday décor.

Outfit your everyday dining room chairs in their Christmas best. Wrap your chairs in a merry cummerbund fashion, using a band of burlap as the base, and tartan on top. Tie with wide red grosgrain ribbon, and secure all cloth with an oversize laundry pin.

Add a few jaunty pheasant feathers, and use scissors to make inch-wide cuts along the bottom of the burlap for a frilled, fringe look. We suggest staying away from fabric with glitter — when guests lean back on their chairs, the glitter tends to rub off. Instead of a traditional table runner, try this Christmas table decoration as an alternative. Place boot trays, or shallow trays, end to end down the full lengthwise center of your dining room table.

To prevent accidental leakage, seal the trays with silicon caulk before filling them with water. Buy festive float candles, like the snow-flake shapes we have pictured above, to illuminate your dining room in holiday cheer. We love this unique Christmas decoration idea so much that we want to put a float candle tray in every room. Your house will turn heads with this creative Christmas decoration idea.

Adorn bare windows with a quaint winter scene. Surround the scene with fresh evergreen branches and printed patterned ribbon to add Christmas color to a plain window. Personalize the scene you choose to display — for an elegant, modern arrangement, hang glittery ornaments from the ceiling. Decorated with jingle bells and studded with plaid buttons, it provides the perfect topping for a plaid-loving family.

Create a memorable Christmas tree that coordinates with your decorating theme by using only a few types of ornaments. This tree has plaid everywhere — can you guess the décor theme of the rest of the house?

Silver tassels are finished with double knots of plaid ribbon. Red birds hunker down in cozy nests, and shiny bells lure kids of all ages to give a little jingle. Wooden craft-store disks, covered with plaid paper, take the place of traditional glass balls. This tree is a true DIY masterpiece. Save money and add a personal touch by making your own Christmas gift tags. Kids love getting to craft their own unique tags. Pictured above, the crafty holiday homemaker used a color copier to make copies of tartan fabric, and then cut the copies it into rectangles to create each patterned gift tags.

You can also print background patterns from the Internet and make simple designs using your computer. Type or handwrite names in the center.

Add ribbons and bells to dress up each gift. But throughout the remainder of the year, the room likely goes unused. This easy room revamp will give your dining room an additional function that is useful all year.

The shelves were added without any deconstruction — they were made from gypsum drywall, instead of wood, for a modern profile that protrudes from the original wall.

Use the hallow space to store a bar cart for a very merry Christmas. This year, forgo formality. Why designate a guest of honor to sit at the head of the table when you love all of your guests equally? Place a round table in a square-shaped room for more natural, relaxed Christmas entertaining.

With this arrangement, when Pawpaw makes a joke, everyone gets to laugh along with him. An oversized lantern hanging above the table casts a romantic glow, and is a fresh alternative to a traditional chandelier. Mismatched chairs add to the casual, relaxed atmosphere in this comfortable Christmas dining room.

Save these heirlooms for seasonal occasions, and use them in your Christmas decorating. Showcase them during the most wonderful time of the year by putting them on display. This mahogany buffet may not be useful all year round, but during the holiday season, it is a perfect place to serve Christmas brunch. It fits perfectly into a niche built just for it. Update the pieces with modern accessories, such as a pair of mod white lamps, which help a traditional piece of furniture blend seamlessly with more modern tastes.

This photo only shows the half of it — literally. The matching pairs of items add symmetry to a room, and help expand a smaller space. A set of old stools, re-covered in lush brown mohair, flank the arched entry between the living space and the dining room, along with two identical framed mirrors and Christmas wreaths.

These stools are functional, as they can also act as extra seating for Christmas entertaining. The mirrors help visually enlarge the small space to open it for plenty of holiday entertaining. Surprise your Christmas party guests with a thoughtful take-home gift that they can keep with them for years to come. The trees are packaged in natural jute, and come with care instructions so that your gift will last way past the holiday season.

Magnolia trees are a year-round Southern symbol that become even more treasured during the holiday season. Tie on personalized gift tags to each tree for a handmade finishing touch. Planning to entertain guests outdoors during this holiday season? For those deep-south citizens whose weather allows for outdoor entertaining, make sure that you take advantage of your patio space. Wrap greenery around the backs of patio chairs, and secure the garland with large red ribbon.

You can even attach red ribbon to your light fixtures to brighten up the festive décor. Replace your year-round cushions with bright red, weatherproof pillows. Toss a few throws across your furniture in case the weather gets too cold, light a fire, and enjoy your outdoor winter wonderland.

Send your holiday guests away with a creatively packaged gift to mark the festive occasion. Tuck in some holly and a Star of Bethlehem for added Christmas embellishment, and display them by the door or gate so that friends can pick them up as they depart. Some great holiday gift ideas include simple vases pictured , ornaments, potpourri, or nativity figurines.

This budget-friendly gift idea is an easy way to let guests know that you are thinking of them even after they leave your house. This Christmas, remember that even your outdoor furniture deserves a few festive decorations. Celebrate Christmas on your patio, too. Dress up the backs of your outdoor chairs by tying graceful swags of magnolia leaves and aromatic eucalyptus sprigs to each chair arm with a red, festive Christmas ribbon.

While magnolia is a plant often used in Southern Christmas decorating, the eucalyptus sprigs are a less common — and a more creative — way to incorporate unique elements into your traditional holiday décor. Eucalyptus leaves are fragrant, calming, and long lasting.

Create your own festive Christmas snow globes using elements of nature. Suspend lanterns from the underside of a patio covering or umbrella with red ribbon or fishing wire. We chose a glass lantern with a brass finish; but any lanterns will do. Choose natural elements such as holly berries and eucalyptus sprigs, instead of candles, to fill the lanterns with scenes of a Christmas forest.

This special, creative outdoor Christmas decorating idea is a great way to tie your entire Christmas decorating theme together. Not all napkin rings are created the same, and traditional table settings may not suit your natural holiday decor.

For more casual holiday gatherings, forgo the stuffy, silver napkin rings. Instead, create your own holiday napkin rings using natural materials. Small grapevine napkin rings, available at craft stores and florists, are perfect substitutes.

Tie each napkin ring onto a cloth napkin using a soft, satin ribbon in a color that matches your napkins. These vine-like wreaths are a subtle nod to both traditional table settings, and traditional Christmas wreaths. Little touches like this will help you complete your natural Christmas decorating theme without going over the top.

Spread Christmas cheer throughout your entire house by incorporating Christmas flowers and centerpieces in multiple rooms. Set up a casual Christmas breakfast buffet on a kitchen island. Accent your Christmas displays with fresh greenery and bright blooms. Draw attention to a hanging light fixture by attaching a standard wreath to the bottom of it, and embellishing it with themed greenery.

Arrange a Christmas breakfast buffet around the centerpieces, and your kitchen will become a center for holiday activity. When planning a holiday gathering, its important to remember that every Christmas gathering needs a hands-on activity for the kids.

A cupcake decorating station is the perfect way to keep kids occupied, entertained, and excited — and it does the same for adults! Bring out the kid in everyone with a decorate-your-own cupcake station. Serve vanilla and chocolate cupcakes on the table, with an assortment of buttercream icings and Christmas toppings.

And most importantly, put out plenty of napkins — things tend to get a little messy when you mix kids and cupcakes. Fast can be fabulous.

If you can hold a bunch of lilies in your hand and wrap the stems with rubber bands, you can whip up a knockout arrangement that's ideal for your buffet.

Start with a silver casserole dish.

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