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Boxers or Briefs — the Pros and Cons Variety might be the spice of life (and underwear), but it also brings to mind the age-old men’s health debate: boxers or briefs?

Along with jocks, boxer briefs are a popular pick among guys who are athletes or are into working out. It also was not odor-resistant as we would have liked.

Boxer Shorts. Also known as loose boxers or boxers, boxer shorts are one of the most popular underwear styles for men. Loose-fitting underwear with an elastic waistband, boxer shorts generally feature a fly in front.
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1) Low rise briefs

Boxer Briefs

Men's pouch enhancing underwear aims to do one of more of the following: Lift and support the front package Enhance the male bulge, making it look larger and fuller.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. You "should" experiment and see what you like. My latest find is that I am most comfortable wearing undergarments that hold me snug.

My testes are not inside the inguinal canals, but close to it. I really like how snug underwear holds them out of the way. For me, womens briefs with elastic legs hold things in place.

So do some stretch or roomy women's thongs. Men's thongs hold me where I want to be, so to speak, but they make my "package" much more prominent than I like. You may find that if you wear loose pants, shorts, or kilts, then looser underwear works, but the more fitted your pants or shorts are the more fitted you may want your undies to be.

Have fun and report back. I can't help you I don't wear any Men's underwear any more Just My Bras and Panties. I honestly think that you should wear what's most comfortable to you but not be so worried about what other people think.

I wear briefs and I'm not worried about what others think even though I'm a little thicker than what this article stated. I think that the mens underwear should be left up to the person but the person should not be ashamed of what they wear but should be more in tune to what's confterable to them besides what the cultural normal boxer briefs.

I'm honestly not that old, only 33 and make my own decisions depending upon my personal preference besides "what others think is nornal". Even though briefs may not be the norm, be you and only you and dont let others make the decision for you.

I am not sure about any other guy that might be reading this but for me I prefer thong underwear and I am straight. I haven't had any themed underwear yet but I'll buy some one of these days!

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To provide a better website experience, bellatory. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Who should wear this type of underwear Body type: Low rise briefs are the most common pair of men's underwear which is why they are universally liked.

Men of all body types can wear low rise briefs without risking a faux pass. They won't look too out of place even on guys who have a bulging tummy or guys who are extremely skinny.

While choosing colors for low rise briefs, men should stick to whites, blacks and other darker shades like dark blue, dark green or various shades of gray. Bright colors are best avoided. Similar to low rise briefs, full rise briefs are popularly accepted as an underwear which will look good on most body types.

Men who are obese or too skinny should can avoid this type of underwear and opt for boxers if they find themselves less comfortable and confident. Full rise briefs attracted mass popularity a couple of decades back but are considered less trendy from a style perspective now. Teenagers and guys in their twenties should ideally avoid this style of underwear if they want to be trendy and not made fun off while stripping down to their underwear in the boys locker rooms. Married men may prefer to wear full rise briefs as underwear because they are typically perceived to be more comfortable than other options.

White is a classic color for full rise briefs. Apart from being one of the trendiest types of underwear for men of all ages, boxer shorts are also a perfect choice for any guy who has body image issues.

This underwear will suit guys with a skinny body frame as well as guys with a heavy body frame. Boxer shorts will help men who find themselves embarrassed to strip down to their underwear in front of others in changing rooms or at the beach. Boxer shorts are trendy and universal. They are a must-have any guy's underwear drawer. Professionals and guys who wear business clothes every day should avoid boxer shorts as underwear during the day because the crease of the excess material may show from the outside of formal pants.

As underwear, boxer shorts give a wide range of color and pattern options for the style conscious man. This is the underwear in which you can veer away from solid colors and buy boxer shorts in tartan plaid and other printed patterns. Guys who are into sports, athletics or other activities that require a lot of movement should avoid wearing boxer shorts as underwear because they don't provide a pouch, support or any form of compression.

Boxer briefs are unlikely to suit guys with very skinny legs because the underwear may sag around the thigh area. Guys who are obese may also want to avoid potentially embarrassing bulges at the wrong places because boxer briefs cover a large part of the body. It is a perfect fit for men with athletic body types. Boxer briefs are symbolic of a personality who is athletic and always on the move. Boxer briefs are available in various colors however black and other dark shades look better than others.

Boxer briefs are a must in every fitness crazy man's underwear drawer. Unlike boxer briefs, jockstraps and low rise briefs, trunks don't look too shabby even on men with larger bodies. Trunks will look good on most men including guys with slightly thin bodies who may be avoiding boxer briefs from the fear of being conscious about highlighting their skinny legs. Trunks are trendy and are a good alternative to boxers if you are fond of wearing low rise denims.

If you wear your pants from your bottoms, trunks are a good underwear choice for you. Trunks look really good in black and white. Men who like to be style conscious even with their underwear can buy trunks which have a contrasting element against the black color of the fabric.

For example, black trunks with a red elastic band look sexy. Jocks and men's bikini underwear: Jocks or bikini underwear are designed in a way that they show more skin, leading to a common perception that only men with the best of bodies should ideally be wearing them.

Jocks are not the type of underwear that can be carried off by any guy. Only a man with truck loads of confidence and attitude is likely to carry them off with style. Jocks are all about putting up a great show. On the right body, they look awesome in many colors including bright ones like red, sky blue, green and orange. Wearing bikini underwear in everyday life is all about making a style statement so bright colors and peppy design look cool.

Jocks are risque for guys who have the slightest of doubts that they can't carry it off. It can be the cause of low confidence if a guy has stripped down to his jocks in front of a girl.

There is really no benchmark when men wear thong underwear. It is a personal preference and anyone can wear it. Thongs are an eccentric type of underwear for men.

Guys who wish to try a thong really have no limits with color, fabric or style. The same can almost be said of the Sport Mesh version. During backpacking trips, the six-inch boxer brief caused our tester some slight chafing between the thighs he attributed this to the size of his thighs, as this is a problem he had with all the underwear. This issue could be mitigated by opting for the longer, nine-inch model, which we did not test. Our tester also attributes chafing to the fact that he wore the same pair for a few days, allowing the accumulation of salt, dirt, and other substances that could contribute to or exacerbate rubbing.

Our tester also noted that although the ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh wicks away sweat and dries quicker than the competition, the times when you do manage to get them soaked, they can stick to the skin and be harder to remove than our other picks. Amazon reviewers and Snarky Nomad warn that sizes run large, so size down if you can. What made the Tommy Johns stand out for our tester was that it had an easily accessible fly and the best front pouch of any boxer brief we tested.

The fly allows exit from the top not the side, which our tester found convenient. He said this design allowed for a great flow of pee while also reducing pressure on the urethra to reduce dribble. Snarky Nomad also likes the Tommy John boxer brief, despite the price tag and some pilling issues.

It also lacks seams that can rub in an area that really should not be chafed. Another benefit of the Tommy Johns is the wide range of sizes—from small to 4XL. However, color options are more limited compared with ExOfficio.

The company also offers free return shipping labels within 30 days for unused products. The Patagonia Active Hipster has soft reinforced openings for the legs that prevent wedgies or riding up. We also enjoyed how the underwear is seamless, reducing areas where chafing or rubbing can occur. Some Amazon and REI reviewers complain that the fabric is thinner than on earlier models, but we found that to not be a problem. Patagonia has an even thinner model, the Barely Hipster Briefs , which we tested last year.

It bunched and moved around, but the Active Hipster stayed perfectly glued in place. We noticed no loose seams or pilling issues so far, but will continue to test for durability. Patagonia has among the best return and repair policies in the industry, but does charge for a return label.

Our biggest complaint and a common one among user reviewers is the cutaway tag. It must be cut to not rip the stitching in the seam. Wool also has natural antimicrobial features that can reduce your chance of developing infections, or at least reduce odor. Merino does have its drawbacks as a travel underwear: The National Institute of Health says that one way to reduce your chances of developing vaginitis, including yeast infections, is to choose underwear made of natural fibers.

Natural fabrics often allow the transfer of air and moisture aka breathe better than synthetics like nylon. That heat and moisture confined against the skin could be a factor related to yeast infections. The problem is cotton takes a long time to dry—meaning that moist, sweaty environments will stick around for awhile, which as mentioned above are ideal environments for bacteria growth. They wick, breathe, and have a drying time equal to or better than synthetics.

Plus, the natural antimicrobial features of wool can reduce the accumulation of bacteria better than treatments in synthetics, which can wash out over time. Like our previous runner-up pick, the Ibex Balance Brief , the Smartwool underwear are made in Turkey with 72 percent merino wool, 22 percent nylon, and 6 percent Spandex.

Nonetheless, this pair proved to be almost as comfortable and just durable as our top pick and previous runner-up pick. Of the underwear we tested, the Smartwool are among the easiest to find in stores and online. We found that medium-coverage underwear stayed in place, and skimpier underwear gave wedgies over time. Similarly, the merino pairs we tested tended to bunch up from rubbing against our pants.

The Airism underwear was also quite durable and held up through several handwashing cycles with no signs of wear. Travel gear reviewer Snarky Nomad loved them. After trying all the options, our male tester noted that the Uniqlo Airism could have been a touch more supportive in the front pouch, but liked them overall, concluding: We think this is a result of the shortened inseam leg length combined with a taller rise the distance from the crotch to the waistband , which can cause different fit issues on different body types.

And although our tester did not experience this, other user reviewers report that this also leads to the boxers bunching up in the back. He also finds that the fit is better, especially in the front pouch. In the future, we will test the low-rise option as well to compare it to the standard fit. This is a dealbreaker for a huge swath of the population.

Overall, if you can find a style and size for you, the Airism for women offers the best balance of comfort, performance, and price available anywhere. However, as good as Airism underwear is, Uniqlo never seems to make enough of it to stay consistently in stock throughout the year. The Olivers Boxer Brief was tighter in the package compared with the others. It was shorter in the legs and the waistband rolled over.

However, we liked the thicker-than-usual fabric, which was soft and smooth on the inside but mesh on the outside to reduce friction with pants.

It also appears to be sold only in two-packs. Ultimately, there were better options available for the price. The Saxx Quest 2. Same for the MyPakage Action Series , which had a 3D front pouch with too much fabric to be comfortable. Ultimately, an ill-fitting pouch leads to discomfort and creates an extra area that can fail.

It also was not odor-resistant as we would have liked. In the future, we may test the MyPakage in a merino or other more odor-proof fabric. We discovered after testing these that the bamboo-based fabric is a viscose rayon derivative, explaining why it was among the slowest to dry in drying-time tests.

It is quite packable and the least expensive of all the undies we tested except for the Uniqlo. It was also pricey for synthetics and not as odor-resistant as the others. The fit is also unlike that of our pick. It is loose, has a too-big waistband, and everything runs a size larger than usual. Despite superior fit and comfort that would make them a good choice for everyday wear, the Stance did not wick or dry as effectively as other pairs we tested, which made them difficult to remove after sweaty workouts.

Our previous runner-up, the Ibex Balance Brief , has been dismissed from this guide as the company has announced a permanent shutdown. Although the Ibex Balance Brief underwear stayed in place better than any pair we tested, they were harder to find in stores than most comparable options. However, we do appreciate that the Sport Mesh is available in more colors and styles than any other brand we tested.

Its material dries as quickly as synthetic but has the odor-fighting benefits of wool. But this underwear lacked the stretch that keeps the wool in place.

Our testers found the Micro Bikini to have a less generous cut than the PhD brief, further contributing to ride-up. The Lululemon Mula Bandhawear were promising because they are soft, lightweight, and packable, and have rub-free seams and questionable claims about reducing visible panty lines.

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Men's Underwear, Boxers, Briefs & Undershirts. Every ensemble begins with a great pair of underwear. From undershirts and boxers to briefs and athletic boxer briefs, you’ll find just what you’re looking for to get through your workday or sport of choice comfortably. With a variety of fits, styles and brands to choose from, your underwear drawer will never be bare! Men's boxers that suit your lifestyle Choose from various cuts, lengths, and fits in different boxer shorts for men that accommodate your everyday needs. Select designs may reduce sweating and chaffing. Find great deals on eBay for boxers for men. Shop with confidence.